Is there a shortage of Web and Mobile App skills in Scotland and the UK?

The digital world continues to accelerate, and the media indicates  that the ‘skills shortage’ in the digital sector continues to increase too. It is not always clear exactly which skills are in short supply, but there are indications that the increasing demand for mobile and web apps are areas where the job market cannot keep pace.

Clearly a longer term perspective needs to be taken to ensure these skills are available. In the shorter term, there are other options to employing people i.e. working with smaller IT companies both in the UK and overseas.

We currently have a Polish company who would like to enter the UK market. They have multiple skills in Mobile and Web Apps from smaller scale projects right up to large project for FMCG companies.

They would like to find IT companies that they can work with in Scotland and the rest of the UK, to help fill the skills gap and deliver joint projects in the UK and Europe.

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